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What is 4PL?

4PL as guiding category. 4PL, the acronym for 4th Party Logistics, has been an important concept in the science of logistics since the 4PL Central Station Logoend of the nineties. At first widely ignored and limited to a few articles and contributions in specialist publications, the concept has seen an amazing development over the last years. Leading logistics scientists have raised 4PL to their guiding category.

Fourth dimension of logistics. The term 4PL describes general logistics enterprises (4th Party Logistics Provider) which master the fourth dimension in logistics – in other words: capable of making competent plans for their clients’ cross-operational and value added chains (Supply Chain Planning), of designing and controlling (Supply Chain Execution) and accompanying their clients both in tactical and operative terms (Supply Chain & Compliance Monitoring).

Highly intelligent and powerful platform. Whereas the 1PL, 2PL and 3PL providers including LLPs limit their logistics services to controlling, managing and monitoring the flow of material and information, 4PL logistics providers focus on the fundamental cross-sectional attitude of the schedule-efficient, customer and process oriented coordination of added value activities. This makes 4PL currently the most intelligent and powerful platform for management-driven logistics concepts.