Business Model


The 4PL Model

As a 4PL, we are the general contractor for the carriers, freight forwarders and contract logistics providers. 4PL Central Station reverts independently of own resources to “best-in-class” solutions which are coordinated and compiled to customer needs and concepts of solutions. Consequently the customer abdicates on compromise solutions and is autarkic from assets of conventional logistics service providers. 4PL Central Station commands a very good overview of the markets. This leads to an excellent position in the logistics purchasing service and the selection of the most appropriate arrangements and resources.

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In addition to traditional management consulting, 4PL Central Station provides coaching and support as soon as structural and process improvements are agreed. It is common for 4PL Central Station to handle many of the daily operational tasks, in order to ensure optimal efficiency in handling the complex supply chain.

The essential difference to traditional consulting is the integration of the operational activities with responsibility for staff and material. The purpose of this system is the continuous logistics adjustment and optimization towards operational requirements. Instead of a snapshot the division will be continuously supported and performed through the expertise of 4PL. The business units on-site undertake the operational activities and are the interface between the customer and the 4PL’s expertise. The logistics professionals of our Service & Competence Centers meet and optimize all kinds of logistic challenges for different customers.

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In opposite to the “classic” consulting approach, where the consultants explain that the customer can save easily 25 % in processes and write this down in a “big book” with many high-class designed images and then leave, the 4PL Group follows an honest and pragmatic approach. 4PL analyzes by competent professionals in the consulting phase very accurately the processes along the supply chain and detects and documents potentials for optimizations and savings in these processes. 4PL is of course willing to guarantee their customers detected savings.

 Practical logistics consulting

Precise analysis of the processes along to the supply chain

Identification of optimization and saving potentials

Creation of individual customized solution concepts

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During the coaching phase 4PL transcribes the identified potentials and savings jointly and consistently with their customers, in order to reach and guarantee sustainability in the optimized process landscape.

Solution concepts with identified savings potentials are implemented with the customer

Implementation of optimized processes

Design and implementation of a customized KPI model



The last step of this process offered by the 4PL Group is the operating phase. During this step 4PL operates the procurement logistics, intralogistics and distribution logistics within the supply chain of its customers by means of its successful models “Implants for Industries” or “Logistics Control Tower“. So our customer can focus again exclusively and consequently on his core competencies “product” and “market”.

Operational and strategic tasks can be taken over and handled optimally, as agreed with the customer

Our employees act in accordance with and from the customer’s perspective, coupled with the expertise of logistics professionals

The customer can focus on their core competences

Logistics solutions can be implemented centrally and / or locally at customer’s site

Logistics costs are sustainably reduced and converted from fixed to variable – for the customer


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