DyStar extends collaboration with 4PL Central Station

Long-term partnerships often help to ensure the competitiveness of companies in logistics. Therefore 4PL Central Station has been supporting DyStar for many years with specific business knowledge and logistical expertise.

The DyStar Group is a dyestuff & chemical manufacturer and solution provider, offering customers across the globe a broad portfolio of colorants, specialty chemicals, and services. With a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation for the textile industry, DyStar also caters to multiple sectors including the paints, coatings, paper and packaging industries. Its expansion into the food & beverages and personal care sectors reinforces the company’s position as a specialty chemical manufacturer.

Due to the successful implementation of various Continuous Improvement initiatives in the areas of logistic service improvement and cost reduction, 4PL Central Station proves its added value for the customer even after many years of cooperation. For these reasons, DyStar extended its cooperation with 4PL Central Station for a further three years.

4PL Central Station expands business activities for Sun Chemical in Madrid

Due to its high-quality service in the Spanish transportation segment, 4PL Central Station has significantly expanded its business activities for its customer Sun Chemical in Madrid. Since 1 May 2018, 4PL Central Station has also been responsible for the operational control of transport planning, freight cost management, comprehensive cost & performance reporting and the purchase of transport services in the European road transportation segment. As a major outcome of the implementation, European transport costs were reduced by a double-digit percentage and cost transparency was significantly increased.

4PL Central Station strengthens alliance with science

In order to support its customers at the highest scientific level, 4PL Central Station Group has joined the ISCM-HSG (Institute for Supply Chain Management of the University of St. Gallen) as a founding member. The association was founded by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stölzle (Professor for Logistics Management at the University of St. Gallen) and other well-known members from industry, trade, consulting and logistics.

The target is the application-oriented research and dissemination of innovative approaches for supply chain management, as well as the development of the next generation of concepts, methods and instruments in supply chain management, logistics, purchasing and transport. (https://iscm.unisg.ch/en/institut/foerdervereinigung)

Within the collaborative approach of the association, the 4PL Central Station Group organized the PhD seminar of the Universität der Bundeswehr München, Universität St. Gallen  and Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien for the area of supply chain management at the Basel Head Office

4PL Central Station and Bombardier Transportation Service intensify partnership

4PL Central Station and Bombardier Transportation Service intensify partnership


We are pleased to carry on with our services for our long-standing customer Bombardier Transportation Services for further 3 + 4 years term in the areas of warehouse, transport and customs management at the locations Kassel and Berlin in Germany and Wuerenlingen in Switzerland. The agreement was reached with the objective of integrating the various activities and further optimizing the cost and quality level. The new service agreement forms the basis for further projects for sustainable optimization for the service area of Bombardier throughout Europe.

4PL Central Station takes reporting to a new level

After intensive weeks and months of design, programming and implementation, 4PL Central Station supported by TIBCO Jaspersoft software has successfully implemented a new Business Intelligence reporting for pilot customer Sun Chemical. Using various cost and performance dashboards and reports available online , 4PL Central Station provides its customer Sun Chemical with worldwide, up-to-date access to its logistics key figures. The high level of detail in key figures supports the customer in preparing medium and long-term business decisions in addition to day-to-day business. Group COO Mathias Dollak was extremely positive about the implementation of BI reporting at pilot customer Sun Chemical and announced the expansion of additional dashboards in the BI tool and further implementations by existing customers for the financial year 2018 .

4PL Central Station assumes logistic control of another Sun Chemical site in Austria

As a result of the intensification of the joint business relations, 4PL Central Station successfully implemented another Sun Chemical AG site (Benda-Lutz Werke GmbH) in the 4PL Control Tower on September 1, 2017. Within the scope of a jointly conceived tender for European road transport, internal work processes at Benda-Lutz were optimised and transport costs were significantly reduced. The new site (AT-Nußdorf ob der Traisen) is the 35th location where 4PL Central Station will be responsible for the operational control of transport planning, freight cost management, comprehensive cost & performance reporting and purchasing of transport services for Sun Chemical. The next sub-project is the implementation of the worldwide sea freight transports for the location in Nußdorf in Q2/Q3 2018.01