A leading provider of 4PL-services in Europe

4PL Central Station Group is the leading provider of fourth party logistics services in Europe – i.e., non-asset based.

The Swiss company, which continues to be entirely owned by the Bauer family, was founded in Basel by Alexander and Olivier Bauer in the year 2000. The 4PL Central Station Group currently employs more than 200 logistics professionals in its offices in Europe.

The 4PL Central Station Group acts as a general contractor, designing and operating customized logistics solutions with its extensive logistics expertise. Whilst the 4PL Central Station Group collaborates to integrate and steer “best-in-class” providers, we maintain neutral market access in order to provide a tailor made solution that maximizes the growth potential of our customers. This is a key feature of our business philosophy.

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Neutrality, Independence, Transparency and Sustainability

4PL Central Station has a clear goal to make significant contributions to increase value for its customers in industry and trade.

Through continuous improvement of a company’s logistics organization and operation, we aspire to a long-term partnership which enables stabilization of the customer’s market position, in order to ensure they can focus on their core competencies and core business, related to the products and customers.

As an organization we are keen to understand what makes an operation tick and therefore our ambition always lies in sustainable optimization of the overall logistics operation. This may, nevertheless, result in single modules, where our expertise can be put to best use. For this purpose 4PL Central Station designs individual “best-in-class” logistics solutions. External logistics service providers are selected, managed operationally and continuously measured by our teams and based on a solid long-term supplier relationship.

4PL Central Station supports its customers, independently of their industry sector, by administering and steering a sustainable network of experts with multifaceted skills.

For 4PL Central Station as a service provider highly qualified employees and sophisticated IT systems are our most important assets. A participative style of management for maximum personal responsibility of all employees to promote their skills is of paramount importance for us. As a family-operated company headquartered in Switzerland, we represent the fundamental values of neutrality, independence, transparency and sustainability.

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Our contribution to increase your company value

  • Asset Free Concept

    • No own warehouses and transportation equipment
    • Neutral freight and logistics purchasing (“best-in-class”)
    • Unlimited market access
  • Design of Customized Logistics Solutions

    • Logistics experts design sustainable individual logistics concepts
    • Implementation of designed solutions
    • Operational logistics processing
    • Continuous improvement initiatives
  • Transport Management System (TMS)

    • Web-based TMS
    • Electronic data exchange
    • Transparency (cost / quality / material flow)
    • Credit-based accounting system
    • Customized KPI models
  • Turning Fixed Costs into Variable Costs

    • Transaction-based payment systems
    • Participation in synergy effect / success-based
    • Variable resource management


Globally operating out of Europe

  • 4PL Central Station Group

    Headquarter: 4PL Central Station Group, Rittergasse 35, Postfach 137, CH-4010 Basel

  • 4PL Central Station Germany

    Head Office DE: 4PL Central Station Deutschland GmbH, Elisabeth-Selbert-Strasse 5c, DE-40764 Langenfeld

    Office Rhein/ Main: 4PL Central Station Deutschland GmbH, Gutenbergstraße 8, DE-65830 Kriftel

  • 4PL Central Station Great Britain

    Head Office GB: 4PL Central Station UK Ltd, 7 Langham Barns Business Centre, Langham Lane, Colchester, Essex, C04 5ZS

  • 4PL IT Solutions

    Head Office PL: 4PL IT SOLUTIONS sp. z o. o., Leszka 44, 61-062 Poznań, Polska

  • 4PL Central Station Nordic

    Head Office SE: 4PL Central Station Nordic AB, Elbegatan 5, SE – 211 20 Malmö


ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001