DyStar extends collaboration with 4PL Central Station

Long-term partnerships often help to ensure the competitiveness of companies in logistics. Therefore 4PL Central Station has been supporting DyStar for many years with specific business knowledge and logistical expertise.

The DyStar Group is a dyestuff & chemical manufacturer and solution provider, offering customers across the globe a broad portfolio of colorants, specialty chemicals, and services. With a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation for the textile industry, DyStar also caters to multiple sectors including the paints, coatings, paper and packaging industries. Its expansion into the food & beverages and personal care sectors reinforces the company’s position as a specialty chemical manufacturer.

Due to the successful implementation of various Continuous Improvement initiatives in the areas of logistic service improvement and cost reduction, 4PL Central Station proves its added value for the customer even after many years of cooperation. For these reasons, DyStar extended its cooperation with 4PL Central Station for a further three years.