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Operational Handling

  • Transportation

    Operational Transport Management

    • Transport Processing and Optimization
    • Documentation
    • Freight Cost Mangement
  • Warehouse

    Operational Warehouse Management

    • Storage
    • Packaging


Increase Quality – Reduce Costs

Within the purchasing of logistics, 4PL Central Station follows a holistic and continuous approach with the long-term goal of improving quality and saving costs. Based on the experience of previous projects, on average we have achieved savings of 20%.


    • Data acquisition of shipment and freight cost structures
    • Prioritization of tender segments through potentials
    • Set up of detailed scope of operational procedures and product (SOP / SLA)
    • Selection out of more than 21,000 logistics service providers
    • E-Tendering process through advanced software
    • Detailed evaluation of the results with scenario simulation
    • Final cost negotiations with logistics service providers
    • Operational implementation of new logistics service providers
    • Conceptual design of costs, volume and quality reports

    • Short-term implementation with high savings potential
    • Individual compensation model, which can be 100% performance related (= no investment, no risk)
    • Creation of transparency and sustainable quality


Competence in freight procurement in all modes of transport – Deep industry knowledge

Market knowledge -Market access – Volume bundling – Benchmarking

Standardization – SOP/SLA – Freight simulation

Tender Management – Supplier evaluation – NCR Management


Performance Improvement and Cost Savings

Intralogistics includes all logistical material and product flows, which take place within the production supply chain process or in all distribution areas. In many companies there is a considerable potential in intralogistics to achieve an improvement of performance and cost savings. 4PL Central Station, through its professional and pragmatic project management style, is able to offer the holistic implementation of complex projects in the division of intralogistics.


    • Determination of the optimal storage location
    • Center of gravity analysis
    • Conception of deposits / warehouse layout
    • Detailed scope setup of operational procedures and product
    • Tendering and implementation of warehouse concepts

    • Material flow optimization
    • Inventory reduction
    • Warehouse process optimization
    • Production supply and removal

    • Inbound / Outbound
    • Picking
    • Packing
    • Quality control
    • Storage types / Inventory management
4PL Warehouse Management


Holistic warehouse optimization – Analysis and optimization of intralogistics processes

Conceptual design of warehouse layouts

Increase of productivity – Reduction of processing times – Streamlined warehouse processes

Abrogation of redundant work flows – Harmonization of similar tasks – Reduction of administrative effort


State-of-the-art Transport Management System / Warehouse Management System

All functionalities can be integrated via interfaces with the customer’s ERP system:

  • TMS functionalities

    • Operations (Planning & Scheduling)
    • EDI-Management
    • Track & Trace
    • Supply Chain Event Management
    • Loading Slot Management
    • Geofencing
    • Quality Management / Non Conformance Report (NCR)
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) / Carrier Rating
    • Carbon Footprint
    • Freight Credit Note
    • E-Procurement / E-Bidding / E-Tendering
  • WMS functionalities

    • Extended Warehouse Management System
    • Barcode based warehouse processes
    • Multiple Consignment Stock Management (Advanced Supplier Warehouse)
    • Permanent system based stock taking/inventory
Logsitik IT TMS


Transport order transmission – Inbound/Outbound – Tracking & Tracing – EDI – SCEM – Proactive early warning system – Categorized documentation of deviations – Carrier assessment

Calculation of all freight tariffs – Freight credit note system – Customer invoicing – “Gain-share” control – E-Auction/E-Bidding – Spot-market assignment

Operative warehousing – Pick / Pack / Shipping processes – EDI – Paperless picking – Proactive early warning system – Vendor consignment

Advanced Supplier Warehouse – Performance monitor – Different inventory procedures – Inventory control – Shelf life – Serial number control


Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve

Defining, measuring and evaluating key figures is an important component in order to ensure long-termed high quality and optimal cost structures through transparency. Regular reporting in transport and intralogistics at different levels of detail and the evaluation of these KPI’s serve as a basis for defining continuous and proactive improvement measures, as well as for implementing and evaluating strategic decisions.

  • Define and measure key figures

    • Quantitative key figures to measure costs and shipping structures
      • e.g. number of shipments, weight, volume, freight costs
      • e.g. by service providers, transport mode, business unit, loading point, country of destination, consignee
    • Relative key figures to evaluate performance and efficiency
      • e.g. on-time punctuality, delivery accuracy, damage rate
      • e.g. inventory turnover, storage time
  • Report, analyze and evaluate findings

    • Monthly cost and volume reports
    • Customized KPI reports
    • Efficient and transparent carrier assessment
    • Measurement of damage and loss rates
    • Analyses and projections for strategic decisions
KPI Reporting

The individualized key figures form the foundation for recurring feedback meetings between the customer and 4PL Central Station. On the basis of these figures optimization potentials can be determined and specific measures can be agreed. Furthermore, clearly defined objectives allow managing the transport and storage service providers objectively.


Cost and volume reports – KPI dashboards – Damage analyses

Strategic analyses – Budget preparation – Market analyses

Carrier performance measurement – Documentation of measures

Proactive quality management – Review Meetings


Consulting and Implementation

The requirements in the area of customs and foreign trade grow steadily and the scope of duties is becoming more complex. 4PL Central Station is capable of supporting its customers in all strategic and operational matters in the fields of compliance and export/ import management.


    • Knowledge of the statutory requirements
    • Implementation of reliable processes (trade compliance)
    • Correct tariffing / classification

    • Creative usage of statutory options
    • Personal training (purchasing and sales, etc.)
    • Make a request process for simplification of authorizations

    • Use procedures with an economic impact
    • Recognize and take advantage of tariff suspensions and quotas
    • Apply / use preferences correctly
4PL Transport Management


Import processing – Export processing – Preferences and origin – Export control

Declaration to authorities – Customs classification – Trade compliance – Inward processing

Concession Management – Export certificate – Supplier declaration

Tariff suspensions – Contacts with authorities – Provide assistance / support with assessments


Professional Transport Organization

4PL Central Station has several years of experience in handling the transport organization for various goods and operates a professional worldwide transport management service for numerous clients. Through a transaction-based remuneration system, the service can be offered in a variable manner.


    • Transportation planning / disposition
    • Consolidation
    • Special shipments
    • Fleet management
    • Follow-up orders

    • Customs clearance processing (ATLAS)
    • Trade documentation (Pro-forma and customs invoices, etc.)
    • Certificate of origin: creation and legalization
    • Consular legalization
    • Acceptance and certificate (SGS, Bureau Veritas, amongst others)
    • Export Certificate

    • Freight control
    • Credit note procedure
4PL Transport Management


Multimodal – High capacity transport / Heavy goods transport – Export processing – Import processing

Cross-Trades – Procurement logistics – Waybills – Deviation analysis

Customer´s system / own system – Letter of Credit´s processing – Spot-market

Empties management – Intrastat / Extrastat – Returns


Storage and Packaging

4PL Central Station has extensive logistics expertise in warehousing as well and operates a variety of customized warehouse logistics solutions. The professional 4PL logistics control tower coordinates, optimizes and controls all logistics functions in the warehouse and packing area.


    • Inventory control
    • Incoming goods inspection
    • Incoming goods
    • Pick and pack
    • Outgoing goods
    • Samples processing
    • Spare parts management
    • Value added services

    • Advice on packaging type
    • Packaging procurement
    • Operational packaging / industrial packaging
4PL Warehouse Management


Continuous transparency during the order processing from goods receipt to goods issue

Barcode supported warehouse processes – Paperless procedures

Product related storage strategy – Route optimized relocation strategy

Permanent inventory